I gave you my trust and friendship.

I told you all my secrets and my troubles.

I would do anything for you even though meaning i will be unhappy.

Whenever you needed somebody i was always there no matter what.

to pick you back up when you fell.

I thought you were my friend but at the end you proved me wrong.

You found new friends and stopped talcking to the only person who has helped you in evrithing you needed when evrybody else left you i was always there to help you.

But then you found new cooler friends and totally forgot about me
I gave you my trust and my help but you betrayed me and left me hanging.

I was always there for you but you where never there for me.

I always thought you were my friend no matter what other people said a bout you.

they tried to warn but i just wouldent listen because you had me blinded with the friendship you should me but in reallity it was all fake.

It was never there it was all a lie.

Thats when i found out you were just using me like a puppet but when you didnt needed me again you just threw me away like a piece of garbage.

I always thought you really cared about me as a friend like i did to you but i was wrong you just wanted me to help you and then when you saw i wasent helping you at all you thre me away like the friendship we had and all those times i helped you never existed.You wrote in a book that no one likes to read.

But then again it doesnt matter know cuz the damage is done.

But even though i realised it to late the real traiter and th real looser in this storie is you.

shygirl16 shygirl16
18-21, F
Mar 7, 2009