Wonder If I Could Wish

If i could have
just one thing
it would be

If i could ask
for one answer
it would be why
am i left out

If i could leave
one thing out of
this poem
it would be how i feel

How i wish
about you
how hard i try
to be
better for you

How i wish you were
here while im crying
holding me

I wonder
what it would feel like to
have your arms
around me
pulling me close

I wonder what you
would do
if i came to you
crying again

I can see it now
your look
of utter shock
while i
bury my face
in your shirt
tears streaming down
you don't know why

I know it can't be
you and me
is it wrong to hope
i blush
when i think
about all of this
then get mad
and cry

'cause i'm so confused
i do'nt know what to do
somone help
someone save me
can't see
can't think
falling apart

I wonder
if i could
for you
you don't know
never will
but it's nice
nice to say
what i feel


KittyCat08 KittyCat08
3 Responses Mar 7, 2009

that was exactly how i feel around my special person....ur reall good

I wish he was here..understand what u write so much..

This is one of my favorite ones I've written