Daddy it hurts, I feel alone,
I got scared when you came home,

Mamma took the needle today,
Fell on the couch when you were on your way,

The house is burning with dirty hands,
Is it only me that understands?

Daddy why do I have to bleed,
Are you angry that you didn't succeed?

Mamma tell me why do you watch,
Please save me from this burning touch,

I was beating and left alone,
Brothers please take me along,

I am afraid of another night,
Since you both left it has been a fright,

Daddy took down my walls,
He locked the door and through me down the hall,

Mamma drinks and slips the pills,
I just curl up, dead and unstill,

This is the life you left me in the dark,
Now I am dying and waiting for my last remark.
SilentWinter SilentWinter
18-21, F
3 Responses Aug 29, 2014 sad....a poem of unspeakable cruelty..

Very emotive and well written, very thought provoking