This is just a poem I have written for suicide prevention.

I'll just try it one more time and see if they're right.
I've got one blade held in my hand holding it tight.
Flipping it over again and again.
Rethinking my choice of going down this lane.
It's just one cut, what harm could it do?
Maybe if they see they'll re-think what they did to you.
It's just one cut, nothing really major.
Or maybe you should reconsider your wager.
Why pick this path? Why hurt yourself?
Why put your head on their trophy shelf?
It is your life, they don't decide who you are.
Let me tell you this, you are a star.
Just put the blade down and breath for a minute.
Take a breath, grab the blade and bin it.
You don't have to listen to what they say.
Karma will bite them in the *** one day.
Get up, be happy and live your life.
Don't spend the rest of your days wallowing in strife.
I hope this made you rethink your choices.
Because you don't have to stand around and be voiceless.
You my friend are wonderful and have so much to life for.
You have your whole life to look forward to and so much more.
UnapologeticallyMe UnapologeticallyMe
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 30, 2014