My Addiction

 Addicted to the razor blade,

Addicted to all this pain,
Im clinically insane,
Ready to blow out my brain,
Everything will stay the same,
No one will care and nothing will change.

Addicted to all these pills,
Im too tired to deal,
With the way preps make me feel,
They say i should die,
But i've already tried,
It didnt work and those pill kept me alive.

My worst addiction is you smile,
For you i would walk a thousand miles,
Without you i'd cry,
Not seeing you makes me want to die,
When you say," are you ok?" i lie,
Not seeing you make me want to die,
But you're the only one keeping me alive.

myLamia myLamia
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 8, 2009

Thanks for the support :) but I didn't write this :O. I have never even seen this piece before, right well I'm off to change my password now :S