The Music of My Heart

When things are bad and I feel down

I want to be alone,

Alone up in my bedroom

In the safety of my home.

I take out my cd player

And place it on the floor,

And making sure no-one is here

I slowly shut the door.


I turn the volume up

As high as it will go,

And stand tall in the middle of the room

Getting ready for my "show".

The music starts, I open my mouth,

And then I start to sing.

Singing helps me to relax,

For me, it's the greatest thing.


I soar as my voice gets higher,

It's like a therapy.

The cage is opened by the notes,

They set my tension free!

I love to just let lose like this,

To belt those high notes out!

And after I feel so much better

Without a single doubt.


I stop and turn the music off.

I put my cd player away.

I don't need it anymore

Until another day.

Singing is my stress release,

My place to hide from fear.

And when I'm feeling sad and alone

It brings me back to cheer.

babesface babesface
22-25, F
2 Responses Mar 9, 2009

That's adorable! Thank you for your comment... Really appreciated! :)

Very cool my darlin'.... I love to crank it up in the car and me and the kids all grab out pretend mics and go for it.