Here's a poem that came up last night. I named it "This Time" goes..."The last time we met/Was a day of soothing summer rain/Of last smiles, unknown last words,/That itched to come out, failed/But pushed out, a reckless laughter./It's been so long. /Since that day, everafter,/A meagre few miles stretched out/Covering the path between us,/Pushed us apart silently, so fast,/That we were stranded, far off/Crying, begging it to stop./It's been so long/Since we shared a smile, we last laughed together/Now it's not 'us', just 'you and me', forever."
waterflame waterflame
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Oh waterflame (cool avi name BTW) ... I think you will be famous one day. :)

Haha seriously?

Count on it :)