Sleepy Dreams

 Dreaming dreams of ardent spark

Awaking startled in the dark

Aching for your warm embrace

Wishing I could touch your face

Pull the bed covers over my head

I Ignore the world, stay in my bed

Try to Go back to the moment of bliss

Where I can feel your warmth and taste your kiss

Now wide awake my frustrations mount

Distracting thoughts, too many to count

My Heated passions are now growing fast

I try to prolong it, to make it last

To ride the wave, my dam it must burst

Without your whispered words I feel cursed

For me to soar up high tonight

I need to feel it, grasp it tight

Writhing, rocking and moaning I let go

Sweet escape, my river begins to flow

In warm after glow my deep thoughts of you

Awashed in sweetness of my morning dew.

TeslasTemptress TeslasTemptress
46-50, F
2 Responses Mar 10, 2009

wow...sensuous stuff !!

wonderful darlin'... <br />
<br />
hugs msp