Head Check From Hell

From my pill poppin days...


I know a girl that sits in the corner, completely out of check with herself,
considering any type of high an asset, maybe even at times a wealth.

This girl looks so pathetic as I look at her, prying for answers inside,
but she does what she's used to, and just begins to close up and hide.

I look at her deep in her eyes, pissed off really that she's gotten this bad,
realizing she was so spoiled, sheltered, just to push away what she had.

I grow disgusted as I study her more, she hasn't any answers for her ways,
and wonder if she sometimes thinks that everyone has a limit to their days.

I can sense her life has just been ****** since it took it's lowest low,
going from being the perfect daughter to keeping a high at a steady flow.

Her emotions are shattered, it is so obvious to me, she needs to get it straight,
but in her mind, she just seems to keep playing back that one certain date.

The date that corrupted who she had grown into, the woman she was becoming,
I can tell that the pain is so intense, it's slowly made itself a familiar numbing.

I don't know why this girl refuses to throw the past away and start over new,
wish she could just step outside herself, and witness it from someone elses view.

I wonder what it is like to walk in her shoes? To be completely empty inside,
and question when someone will finally show up to whom she can confide.

I have so many questions to ask her, but she looks too fragile to even speak,
praying that from somewhere inside of her, true feelings won't accidentally leak.

She's one tough woman to crack, I would not even know where to begin,
she views opening up as something unheard of--the ultimate sin.

And then, I take a step back, and give her one more disapproving gaze,
who knew looking in the mirror would make my head such a ******* maze.

madyhenderson madyhenderson
18-21, F
Mar 11, 2009