A Poem That Came to Me Today...


If only I could hang upside down in the sky

God holding  my feet

Arms spread out wide

Like I’m ready to catch the sun

Breathing in

all the beautiful things in life

as all my anxieties and fears fall

from my naked body

like hot wax dripping from a candle

gravity elongates my spine

each vertebra opens

one at a time

creating space

that fills with bright soothing light

making me taller taller taller

my chest cracks open

releasing all the goodness in my heart

that was locked in

by the repetitive pounding vibrations

of society’s  bullhorn

telling me who I should be

and what I should look like

and my true reflection

from the mirror in the sky

shatters and separates

into millions of seeds

falling to the earth

soaking in the dirt

cultivating growing spreading

poetrylover4 poetrylover4
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1 Response Mar 12, 2009

Very beautiful.Writing poetry is so enjoyable it renews your spirt,my mother wrote poems and taught us as well.<br />
Thank you so much for shareing!