An Extension of expressions of Faith Or An Outlet

Most of my poetry has religious/spiritual themes. I have been writing since I was 10 and there are few poems of mine that don't have religious themes. What's funny is that the ones  that don't are related to love.  My poetry has helped me deal with losses and grief, with celebrations of happy moments and everything in between the two. They say that you look into a poet's eyes and see into their souls. Most of my poetry now comes out sounding more like freestyle, since I am also a rapper. Take, for example, my latest poem. It's called "Ignorance is Bliss (Selah)"

Chaos in the world today

People lying

People dying

Lives in disarray

We see it on the news everyday

So all we think to do is fall to our knees and pray

But for a lotta people God’s out of the equation

The church got complacent and she lost her persuasion

Hypocritical talk

Claim to be with Jesus

But we’re not walking the walk

And something’s gotta give

We gotta stop thinking we can’t go out and live

Be the light of Jesus in your community

It’s a choice you gotta make

So those around you can see

He’s still moving in miraculous ways

God’s never changed

He’s still the ancient of days

They say that ignorance is bliss

So while you’re sitting here

You read these words and clench a fist

You may be saying "Lord, I don’t know what to do"

and He responds "Just trust Me, My child, I’ll see you through."

You know that you can do it now

But in the midst of your doubt you’re wondering how

Through the economic crisis, the hurt and the pain

Try to see the sunshine but all you get is rain

But the storm only lasts for a night

He told me to remind you it’s gonna be all right

No matter what it seems

Even though your life falls apart at the seams

And it appears as though your tears begin to create streams

You serve an all knowing God who will not let you fall

To those who still think ignorance is bliss

Take a selah

Pause and think on this

A God who sacrificed His only Son

As an eternal lamb

Now the battle is won

and all you have to do is live

Give Him your all

Cause He won’t let you fail, he would not let you fall

So now is the perfect time to give Him your all

He’s waiting with his arms open wide

and He wants you to know that He loves you

He won’t leave your side

So if you still think that ignorance is bliss

Then I ask you, take a selah

Pause and think on this

If you think that ignorance is bliss

Then take a momentary selah

Just pause and think on this

ErinMcLH ErinMcLH
18-21, F
Mar 12, 2009