The Essence of Darkness

The Essence of Darkness   March 10, 2009  

 Looking into your eyes Passing through the gateway of your soul I enter into the dark chamber of your spirit  

I renounce what my mind knows Letting go of tangible pleasures Only to be guided by my spirit As it reaches your secret garden to which No one soul is allowed without the seal of Your essence  

Through your eyes Your spirit guides me To the truth of the unknown From which the naked eyes cannot see Nor for the weak who not yet possess that which Is required to honor such deep powers  

Kindled ye my spirit Lighting my dampened coals Smothered by ways of the blind Who fear the unknown and stray From the darkness of one's soul  

All in the name of a social balance That is filled with emptiness and Keeps us numb with its abstract amenities    

Quench my fire will you not Sooth my pain and its plot To captivate my soul in shackles  

Release the chains of my secrets That burn like hot coals Haunting my own sins and anxieties My own fears and pride  

For as long as you heal my withered heart I have the faith to walk this journey  

For eyes burn away the things That causes this pain  

My journey into darkness is an eternity Yet, I fear not the darkness as It is a part of what I am Part of what I've become  

In my heart of darkness I have found the balance of time bent  

The past is my foundation The present is my arena The future is my land of promise  

Once again, I live For in the darkness I have found the light I have found you I therefore, have found myself

bluecrescentmoon bluecrescentmoon
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