My Cage of Emotions

The cage rattles.

The moster inside

Cannot be let out.

It must be kept

locked up,

For nobody to see.

Nobody can know it exists.


It is just kept bottled up,

like it isn't there.


But I know it is.

It eats away at me

every minute,

every hour,

every day.


Nobody understands this

creature like I.

He thinks he does,

but he can't.

It is my beast,

nobody elses.


It controls my life.

Nobody can make it


I have tried to

tell people,

but it doesn't work.

The demon is still here.


I want so much

for it to just leave me.

But too many thoughts

keep it here:


The things I will never know.

The face I will never see.

The eyes I will never look into.

The hand that will never grip mine.

The first steps that will never be taken.

The first tooth that will never grow.

The first words that will never be spoken.

The daughter I will never hold.



The daughter I will never hold.

babesface babesface
22-25, F
Mar 18, 2009