A Mother's Love

When I was just a little girl

My Mommy brought me into this world.

She told me I was her little baby,

If I was better she'd have loved me, maybe.


Sixteen years, all the tears I cried,

Oh I wish that my Daddy could have dried

Them but of course he wasn't there,

Mommy threw him out, it wasn't fair.


It was only me, I was all alone

And if I'd ever dared to moan

I was punished with her hand,

Sometimes so bad I could not stand.


I'll always remember this one time,

What she did to me was a true crime!

To the hospital I did go

And got 6 stitches in a row.


She had pushed me down the stairs,

I cried so much but as if she cares!

Her white jumper covered in my blood,

It was everywhere, a giant flood!


I put up with this for 16 years

Before I was rescued from my fears.

I still have marks from her abuse

But I've finally broken loose.


It took me a long time to realise

That I did not cause my lifelong demise.

I know now it was not my fault

That she always chose to assault.


I have nightmares about her almost every night

Even though I know I'm safe and alright.

The thought of her still terrifies me.

I'm so thankful that from her I am finally free!

babesface babesface
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 19, 2009

many hugs*