How to Tell You're Married

A fiancée, a mistress, and a wife;

All friends out at lunch one day.

Discussing their sex lives round the table

And the possibility of role-play.


They decided to wear leather bras

To amaze their men that night,

And stiletto heels and an eyemask,

The men should fall at their feet without a fight!


The next day they met up again

To discuss their passion-filled bliss,

First the fiancée, the mistress next,

And the wife (you're gonna love this!)


"So last night my fiancée came home

To find me in the naughty lingerie,

We made mad passionate love all night"

Said the fiancée.


"I went to my lover's office last night

Wearing the lingerie under a raincoat.

I took it off and it drove him wild"

The mistress began to boast.


Well I'm sure you're wondering about the wife,

She sat and didn't say a word.

When she told them, they laughed so much,

It was the funniest thing they'd ever heard!


"I sent the kids to my mother's house

And got myself all done up.

I wore the leather bra, the heels, and the mask

And even stockings to complete the look.


So my husband got home, I thought when he saw me

He'd be my biggest fan!

But instead, he came in, took one look at me

And said "Hey! What's for dinner batman?!"

babesface babesface
22-25, F
Mar 19, 2009