Grey World

Grey World

By Lucifer


Silence screams

Off the walls of a still room

The air smells dead

And the shadows of dreary times

Engulf everything

A single specter haunts the corner

Whispering silently, to himself

Of everything that's occured in this cursed world

He would like to think

That someone will come and save him from certain doom

But the world outside is cold

There's no help coming he's all alone.



The rain is still

As a ghost walks wearily down a street.

People look on but they don't seem to care

How their selfish hearts drowned her soul.

They are frozen in time, their thoughts are running

Caving their minds in from the overflow

The wings of the moths beat

Against the air as they all stand still


A stitch in time

Sewn back shut

Still the scar remains

We all want to think its fine

Hope we won't fade to dust

When the Universe goes up in flames

But we are just shadows here

Passing by so carefully

So as not to step on the other's feet.

The specter cries in pain yet no one hears

How hard he pleads for salvation.

The ghost weeps as notices fearfully!

She's starting to melt away!

And what will be there to greet!

Those poor lost souls whose presence no one ever cared to see?


We all slowly fall apart!

Drifting away ever since the START!

Walled up in our castles afar!

Praying to feel something true on falling stars!


I sit here

listening to the specter in the corner over there

He whispers to himself the day he tried to move beyond the veil

And slowly began to painfully decay until he was left broken and frail

He cries softly, so silently it's an echo in my ear

But I can hear him oh how I wish to make the pain fly away in dreaded fear


It's all slowly falling apart

The world feels dead to me

But still I know The truth

And here it is.


The truth is__.



JollyDevittaRoger JollyDevittaRoger
22-25, M
1 Response Mar 19, 2009

great as always..and the truth?perhaps this grey world should change?become colourful?stop the pain and day