I sit in the hollow of this desperate mind, trying so hard to unravel
All I can hear as their whispers persevere is the judge as he pounds his gavel

I've done nothing wrong but nobody cares
to scream without sound, to be unclothed by their stares
Why so hostile? What have I ever done to you?
I've killed myself over and over just to
be pushed to my knees and shoved to the ground
but my words start to falter, it's like there's no sound
What is so wrong with the life that I choose? I don't understand your rejection
It's like I'm diseased though I've never been sick yet still I'm fed this infection
It's growing so fiercely, it plagues how I speak like all of it bursting inside
No one should ever stalk in the Shadows, I know I should always walk with pride
I'm tired of screaming to just be ignored and I'm tired of holding all of it in!
What have I ever done that's so wrong? Why do you find in my existence such sin?
I know in my heart that I truly hold worth. I won't be affected by you anymore!
I know I am stronger than what everyone sees but those close-minded glares still shatter my core
I'm so sick of holding myself back. So sick of stalling and biding my time
I'm breaking away from you stereo types and living the life that I know is mine
So if my presence is such a bother then, in truth, I suggest you stay out of my way.
No longer will I allow your insults and no longer will I think twice when I say:
You are not my God, my Goddess, my Angel your judgments have no place in my mind
They're just little echoes that slowly fade out and soon will be filtered by the passage of time

HanaNoMizu HanaNoMizu
26-30, F
4 Responses Mar 21, 2009

Not christian bashing my breaking away lol

My beautiful mate and her beautiful christian bashing poetry! -kisses-

Thank you! :D

Very good!!!