Liquid Indulgence


Every drop a crystal, a gem of ecstasy.

Each one calling for me,

Liquid of intoxication,

Beckoning invitation.

Bringing me to my knees,

While offering soft words filled with pleads.

My lips part softly, breathing increasing,

As I watch her legs further opening.

I move close and her scent I breath,

Moved beyond control by my need.

I taste and she moans softly,

Her hand holding my head blissfully.

I tease and she moves against my tongue,

Her pleasure intense and strong.

Slowly she offers more of herself,

While in her desire I delve.

Mouth is teasing and pleasing,

Her excitement increasing.

Bringing her to the floor,

While she begs for more.

Her moans becoming screams of pleasure,

As I dine on her treasure.

Her body tenses as her ****** washes over her,

I prevent her legs from closing, wanting her to quiver.

Hand grips my hair tightly,

My tongue teases her softly.

Her breathless words fill my head,

Under my touch I feel her sweat.

I drink all she offers to me,

Every drop a crystal, a gem of ecstasy.

SinfulDevil69 SinfulDevil69
26-30, M
Mar 23, 2009