Fear the World

Fear the World

By Lucifer





The world screeches in my head

But I’ve become deaf

As blood streaks from ears

Only the vibrating of the Earth

As earthquakes destroy all in front of me

With chains binding me to the Earth

There come fiends with flesh falling from them

My head screams to them let me be free

But my mouth is sewn shut so as not to spout evil

They walk with a slow pace that reminds me of slugs

Making their way across hallways of razorblades

And it’s pouring rain as the sky looks wounded

And I cannot tell whether this is Earth or Hell

And suddenly in my ear rings bells

That calls forth that fiend Death

Who’s held down in a pit and cannot speak his fears

I would like to say my minds been eaten away by drugs

But I know the reality is grimmer than my mind having been caved

And as they stand near me one of them bends forth

To whisper a stately thought in my ear

But how will I hear?

Will the words even sooth?

She said



“You’re a silly doll

That dances for their entertainment

On wires you exist

Fear the world

They will let you fall

Your void will be your containment

Trapped in abandonment forever in the Abyss

Fear the world


And their you will bleed

You will become nothing

Fear the world

Only the dark will you see

It will never be soothing

Fear the world



Fear the world

Fear the world

Fear the world




The World”

JollyDevittaRoger JollyDevittaRoger
22-25, M
3 Responses Mar 23, 2009

fear the world..become nothing?

Thank you. Hell you should read Existenz Shattered. That one is even darker and more surreal than this. <br />
<br />
I love listening to "The Becoming" off of The Downward Spiral as it always reminds me of the setting and chaos of The Hellbound Heart. I always tries to make out the warped lyrics during that calm period in between the chaos and harsh screeching of the song. Fear The World was what best came to mind. And that is how this poem exists.

That was...luxuriously sinister, if that term makes any sense.<br />
<br />
My favorite line is "But my mouth is sewn shut so as not to spout evil".