Garden of Dreams

Garden of Dreams

I have a secret place that I sometimes go

Somewhere near, when I’m feeling low

A beauty and stillness abound inside

Full of peace and serenity, a place to hide

In a vision, I discovered a long time ago

A garden of dreams, bathed in twilight’s glow


Down a winding path, I begin to slowly wander

In a state of reverie, to daydream and sometimes ponder

Beneath the waning sun in a darkening blue sky

I glance up to see stars appear as if floating by

Before long, are perceived, stone walls with a rose covered arbor

 Two gates enclose within, a glimpse of my soul’s secret ardor 


The way inside opens with a heart shaped key

Once wrapped in its solitude, tranquility comes to me

The air redolent with the scent of sweet smelling flowers

Time spent there, in countless blissful hours

Moonlight and a lover’s kisses, are a sweet fantasy

But once awakened, dreams fade, lost forever, reluctantly

littledutchgirl53 littledutchgirl53
1 Response Mar 23, 2009

thats beautiful..