Fugitive Memories

I loved it when i met you at that fugly god damn class.I loved it when you first touched me and when first held my hand.I blushed when you first asked me us goin out.I stared at you while comin towards me in that crowd.I hate it that you're now gone and knowing u wont come back.It hurts me just to know this girl has your own heart.I suffer looking at our pictures again and so again.My feet just tremble remembering your one of a kind smell.Your face,your hands,your eyes.Your voice,your lips,your pride.Your strength and all the rest which had my chest to hurt.Thank you for those days.Those moments,those memories which r now fugitive and plain.Thank you for everything you did for me in any case.I want you to know im still in love with you and that ill never stop being proud of you,until the end of this life's race.


iley iley
22-25, F
Mar 24, 2009