By Lucifer



Tired must go to sleep

But can't close my eyes

There's no eye-lids

Been torn from myself

Battered by the winds

Life's thrown at me

I've gone too damn deep

I can hear the cries

Yet can't deciefer their origins

The air here's so thin

I need some help

But can't shout out

What it is killing me

A part of me wants to drown down here

Cloaked in a veil

Of no remorse

All those weords spoken

About God and his love

Grown tired of it

But more so of the pain!

It always rains!

The water burns my skin!

Wading down in it!

Down in this cold Abyss!



Here's my soul you see it jaded.


The flesh is broken by the mirror cracking.

All around me CRACKING!!

Break my bones

But can't kill the soul

Won't go down

Refuses to drown

Am I to suffer this horrid nightmare




And I did what I did

To see if I could be worthless

Trapped in a sphere of careless voices


Ill thoughts to me


Could this be the end?

The road finally goes nowhere.

Will there be sent!

A word to heal me?


I can't feel my heart grows numb.

Am I crazy or scared or dumb?

Did what I did with devotion!

Try to find some sort of emotion.


JollyDevittaRoger JollyDevittaRoger
22-25, M
1 Response Mar 24, 2009

i am sorry deedee...i realize now...i didnt listen...i should have listened more....and i am ruined and you are too...and i hope they approve you in new orleans...i hope everything goes well...i wish you the best, love you will always find here with me, and caring arms to try to cleanse away the pain and anger and hate and sorrow, you are simply a diamond covered in dirt that still shines, i said a long time ago i would comment every story you have written on here...well i intend to do i need to get my juicy lil *** in bed...its 3 40 am...i have to wake up and be in class by 9 30...loves, hugs, **kiss on cheek**, i hope peaceful sleep finds you tonight and longer still...bye hunn