unable to bear
i cry invisible tears
i fear that
everyone can see
the real me
yet it seems they are blinder than me
they can't see
or possibly
they don't want to
and if that's true
what is left for me to do.
i suppose i should just give up
or give in
"you hear that, you win"
I don't want to feel this way
but your are truly unbearable

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6 Responses Mar 25, 2009

thats true...i actually have seen my work expand... things i would use to never write seems...right...i know i can if i had the right people for that moral support.

well i use to have a lot of poems/short stories over 300 of them...and some how it got damaged and i kinda lost interest in them...i am slowly regaining it...thank you i had some better ones, but that one came straight from my head. im scared that none of the new ones will be a good as the ones i lost.

i use to want to get published... now i trying to work up enough courage to write.

thats how i was feeling at the moment...

thanks overture...no i don't sing

I think this would make a pretty nice song :D <br />
Do you sing?