Roller Coaster Ride


As I gather more information These poems go on in reciprocation. The words are what I feel, They all seem so real, Most are about truth and lies, And how lies can be disguised, How simple things can be complicated, How things are not what they seem, How people can be stubborn, And how this all affects me, Somehow even imaginary things seem real, Why in the world do I feel, So confused, Angry, Sad, Shocked, Happy, Dark, Light, Enlightened, All in one day. It’s exhausting, Mood swings are a roller coaster ride, Whipping me around, Soon I’ll have whiplash, I’ll get dizzy and crash. It’s not a pretty scene, I must avoid this clash, Fate is a cruel mistress, I can be to, I’ll fight through this until the end.  
18-21, F
Mar 25, 2009