A Comedy of Errors

Last night, like a dream

staring out into the dark sea

from the sun-lit floating ferry

I was the only one drowning


I remember strangers

my name leaking from their lips

their hands meeting for me

seemingly endlessly

But I forget

where were you?


Speechless you sat

watching me

from the darkest side of the moon

you saw me as you always do

something I am not

did I fool you

as I always do?


lost in the language

you never taught me

Not your tongue

but your silence

growing in my mouth

saved by sudden thought

some would never know

as they set the sun on me

and darkened my soul

Too young to die.


Faces I didn't know

acted like they knew me

while you, looked right on through me.

Fed on foreign flattery

and plastered with pitiless praise

My failiure, their success


but you see through me

and everything that I am

for there is no humorous way

nor any voice in which I can say

You're the one who took my breath away





Zarfo Zarfo
2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

Wow that was beautiful poem, I loved the line, "watching me from the darkest side of the moon you saw me as you always do" it speaks volumes xD. Your a beautiful writer and I'm sure SHE would love it if you gave it to her =]<br />
Love K

This was very good and very sad. But it was brilliant. :)