Following round, My head doesn’t have a crown, I don’t need a court to follow me. So why do you still stand there? This is what I want to know? I know not whether you are mine friend or enemy, Because you will not tell me,  You say you are here to protect me, From what do I need protected from? No one around me had a loaded gun. Is this I threat I can not see? Are you sure you’re not a threat to me? You say you’ll only be here for a couple of weeks, But then why were you here before the others? They came not until today? So why have you stayed? Is there something important coming my way? Is there an invisible crown? Locked somewhere in a box, Waiting for me to open with a key A key I’ve always had with me. Where is this box? It must be unlocked, Inside it has the key, To find the real me.
18-21, F
Mar 26, 2009