" Melt"


                  Magic in the moonlight

                  shining deep in your eyes so bright;

                  A seductive scent so sweet and pure

                  natural, fresh and full of allure;

                  Hands that twine so firm and proud

                  rising grandeur totally wowed;

                  Bringing smiles to your face

                  dancing close in warm embrace;

                  The way you look there's no compare

                  a flower placed gently in your hair;

                  As it rains in the night time air

                  how lucky I am that you are here!

enjoythebeach enjoythebeach
46-50, M
6 Responses Mar 28, 2009

Thank you for your comments. It comes from my heart.

Thank You!!! Each day a new meaning inspires my thoughts; YES!

Keep him close in your thoughts, he will be with you soon.<br />
Yes rain is quite the elixir!!!

For me rain brings some special feelings.. and memories of late summer nights spent chatting with my boyfriend and crying that we are so far away...

Thank you for your kind comments. It was raining last night<br />
at it came upon me.

beautiful, AC :)