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I Shut My Eye's.

I lay upon the soggy grass

& look up to the sky,           

I watch all the airplanes,

& clouds that float on by.

I once saw happy pictures,

 up in those puffy clouds,

now all i see is demons ,

& how I've done them proud.

I pull up clumps of earth,

& squish them in my hands,

the promises never done,

and all forgotten plans.

I close my eyes to the world

the sun beams through my lids

I dont like thinking of my life,

 no, not one little bit,

Who am I becoming ?

Why do I feel this way ?

& when I shut my eyes

why wont it go away?

a tear runs into my ear,

a shiver down my spine,

why am I still lying here ?

when I still have so much time.

I open up my tired eyes

how long have they been shut ?




caroli9 caroli9 36-40, F 77 Responses Jan 30, 2007

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Nice poem :)

good poem

It has only been a minute
Get up and get on with your life
And you can let go of the earth
Your visions and strife

They are not real it is all in your head
You can still change the next minute
And the ones after that
Keep changing them
Until you are dead

Why am i still here? Its like there's something im spose to or ment to do and I dont know if I'll ever figure out what that is. I've not been the best I could be. I've been awfull to myself and a lot of others. Am I ment to do something or just stay lost?

I can understand, I have my own demons who I give into more often than I should. I hate the way my past has influenced my present and it is so difficult to move on. The past still rears it's ugly head when I'm not expecting it, making it very hard to accept myself as I am, and become what I wanted to be all along.

I can relate to tears in the ears. I use to lay in the grass in my yard when I was young and listen to the hustle and bustle of my neighbourhood around me. I would hear my sisters and their friens playing in the yard laughing, giggling, telling stories but I was not allowed because I was a boy. Inside I knew I was a girl but I was punished by my mom when I told her. So as I lay on the grass I had tears running into my ears. I did have my imagination where I would imagine I was one of the girls running and playing the games. So my tears in my ears may have been of joy, although I still have those same tears today. billieannejames

Dear Jenni,
This is surprise... or .. a new vision? tear in the ear? i need to understand what you mean?

When you lay down with your head facing up, if you cry enough the tears can roll down your face and get into your ears.

I concur and feel this poem.

So good! Great imagination! This has a great sense of imagery

Great imagery and feeling!

Good to know I'm not the only one who feels this. Thank you.


A sad sorrow :(

weak pictures but great spirit keep moving.

That's amazing!

Gripping and thought provoking

i really loved and enjoyed it. thanks for sharing

I love it.

Beautiful. However, it seems unfinished. The end makes you wonder if you are considering a new beginning, or if you are just accepting the way things are. I think you should continue this one. : )

I love this, so desc<x>riptive and it flows so elegantly. bravo ^_^

thank you

these words...sent shivers in me. Keep writing! :)<br />
"I lay upon the soggy grass<br />
& look up to the sky, <br />
I watch all the airplanes,<br />
& clouds that float on by"

i like it

Wow I love it! I like your style! Made me cry a little because I know what you mean about how those things used to bring you comfort... Watching planes, clouds, playing in the dirt and grass... I love it :)


thank you, a reflective poem

I lay upon the soggy grass<br />
I looked up to the sky<br />
I watched the Flying Scotsman pass<br />
And then I ate a pie.

This is phenomenal :)

Sums up my own feelings!