White Lie Smile

feet together , every hair in place , hands softly sliped around the stems of roses , so pulled to gether wrapped up in ribbon and bows , white gown matches my white lie smile, as foot takes place in the first step down the isle , left . right , left , right , faces of strangers and friends gathered in place to watch in my disgrace .

my father kisses my cheek and i can see that he knew , my doubt ,ringing clear in my mind , but the rings fit, the story is a good fairy tale , yet no dragons been slayed, no kiss has brought the princess back to life , a question and a "i do" before i have time to realize the words said , a kiss and applause as music plays and I'm still in a daze, as i take my i took my first step as a married woman , walking up the isle , i knew the mistake , i knew where the fault lies , but my white lie smile stuck , my white lie heart shined

theGirlwiththeSmile theGirlwiththeSmile
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thank you !!!! <br />
Much love !!

Pretty good, young one. White lie smile. I like that!<br />
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