Mi Amor?

How long should one struggle to be loved...

or to feel...

or to feel secure?

Ain't it a funny thing?

Two people wanting the same thing-

two people afraid of its depth!

Am i afraid?

Why do tears fall like rain?

Why can't I tell him what I want?

Will I lose him-probably!

Why is he afraid of pleasure-to feel what he knows he feels?

Can I wait for him after waiting so long for him?

Is he worth the wait...this pain of possible loneliness.

Only his gestures will answer all my doubts...does he know this?


rainbowbright123 12-24-99

rainbowbright123 rainbowbright123
51-55, M
2 Responses Jun 24, 2009

I've written many but I'm glad you liked this one. All my poems were written by me for certain events that were happening in my life at that time.

Very beautifully written, thank you for sharing!