I Close My Eyes...

 I close my eyes and see...

In fear of your ruin, I pushed you away so long ago.

Through tears and strong words I tried to convince you

That I did not care.

Yet you always knew the truth.

Each time that you came back to me, it became harder and harder for me to hide my heart.

So much Time passed, but yet again you returned to me.

I cried as I finally bared my love to you.

Something so pure was never meant to hurt or harm.

Though Our Passions will always ache deep inside of our souls;

Until our time comes sweet one, we are what we are meant to be;

Our Romance will remain locked away in the depths of our Passionate

Love filled hearts, as we continue on with our mortal lives.

For as each Darkest Night arrives I feel solace knowing that I will seek You and hug you tightly in my arms, inside my mystic dreams and I will cherish You My Dear Heart most Lovingly into eternity as: My Forever Friend.


TeslasTemptress TeslasTemptress
46-50, F
6 Responses Jul 6, 2009

It Rocks!

beautifully written bravo :)

Thank you. I write from my heart...

Don't hate your life. Think of what your life would be like without the ability to feel love. Love is what makes us feel alive.

*sigh* lucky... you want to know what my love was like?<br />
<br />
i don't know why,<br />
i fell for you,<br />
i would fail,<br />
of that i knew.<br />
<br />
yet still i tried,<br />
and still i lost,<br />
and now my heart,<br />
is made of frost.<br />
<br />
i should have stopped,<br />
and let you go,<br />
listened when,<br />
you said no.<br />
<br />
and now it's gone,<br />
the thing i love,<br />
she left me empty,<br />
a hopeless dove.<br />
<br />
so in the end,<br />
was it worth the suffering?<br />
all this for what?<br />
less than nothing.<br />
<br />
isn't that just grand? *sigh* long story... i hate my life by the way...

It was good.<br />
<br />