So-called Happiness

i spend my days searching for this so-called happiness

but can only seem to find constant chaos

where is this happiness that people speak of

is it in that bottle of Bourbon

i drink till the bottle is empty but all i have is a glass bottle

i gouge on eccentric food till my belt buckle bends and gets distorted

but still i feel so empty

engaging in things with people that i once thought only happened in seedy movies

only leaves me sweaty and tied

i yearn for this so-called happiness but where could it be

working shift after shift to pretend i am rich

but my payment is isolation

till i woke up one evening and i had discovered what it is i have been searching

i spent my days searching for this so-called happiness

but it isn't out there

happiness was with me the hole time

i just never dreamed that happiness was in my heart


hedrocks hedrocks
31-35, M
4 Responses Jul 30, 2009

your poems are real art,more!

no way lol i was thinking yours is way betterrr than mines haha we both think the same but really yours is better :D ^___^and yw

yeah thanks i think your poem is written better then mine though

hiii hedrocks omg you are right they are so similar! except yours is about hapiness and mine's is about true love but at the end we both realize that it's in our hearts where we have to look first! and where we can find love/hapiness, great poem! thank you for reading and commenting mine's I'm going to post one up today real soon haha xD have lots of poems waiting to be posted up :) <br />
<br />
Much love,<br />