he said hey old one come with me. i am recruiting folks just like you who see too much already. i need you to come help us keep watch and for it you will be paid in years. years go by.

inverted well looking down. it's a peaceful place of higher learning. standing in a stone fortress and tired of the solitude she saw a question she could answer. and so the silence ended when she followed him down. recreate a life unaltered.

your tin roof cabin can only keep the dead out for so long. and the rain.

it rained here last night. hail balls rained from the sky. when i left late there was fog covering my road. and so my car feels like a chariot.

pieces of you pieces of me.

hunny you were just a lesson. just a point to prove me stronger. just a time a long time ago. to make it easier when i descend.

distraction. to the point of distraction we all know the thought of answers is more than a mild attraction.

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What's The Difference "between Prose and Poetry" ?<br />
(I "think" this sounds MORE like Prose than Poetry??)