The Secrets We Keep

The Secrets We Keep


The walls we build

To protect ourselves

The secrets we keep

From everyone else

The pain that no one feels

Is kept to one's self

The spirit that hurts

From countless whelps

The truths we hide

Shielded from everyone's eyes

Screams that no one will ever hear

Secrets buried deep ~ in me

Are of all the tears

That became soundless cries

........................................2009 srmx

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21 Responses Aug 28, 2009

So true for so many people who survived abuse in some form and very well put, u certainly have a gift.

it sounds like you speak from the heart

I love this poem. Stark realism that speaks of the true characteristics of the heart.


that was beatuifully written, i loved it. (:

it is beautiful exactly what i go through

here is a poem for you, As i look at the stars above, i know some where out there is my true love, I have been hurt before no one knows what went on beside those closed doors, the pain that was held within, made me wonder would the heartach ever end, but i wished apond a falling star and i know my true love isn't that far,so,if i find true love or it finds me then we'll both be happy. I liked your poem it was nice.. If you want to E-mail me feel free Debbie

oh, how lovely, well written and thought off. can i borrow it ? just gonna put it in my notebook,, thanks,

its so beautiful n believable. the word simply manages to reach deep inside me n stir alot of sentiments hidden within me... BRAVO! keepMichaeling

"From countless whelps"<br />
<br />
Lovely and true words...

Very nice. Often times I feel the exact same way

raw truth

I can relate, I empathize, I get it, I feel it. I am this.<br />
<br />
Thanks for expressing it.

Love the imagery. It is easy to feel alone sometimes. I just wrote a story about someone who is all alone, and the story is the only way he will ever be able to speak, because he is otherwise beyond contact.<br />
<br />
It only takes about 6 minutes to read, pls. give it a try! <br />
<br />

real words affect the heart deeply

You said beautifully (and painfully) what I am living now.

Great poam

It is my pleasure, you have talent my dear (:

beautifully written (:

The words are so real and that is how I feel

This is really good.