as tragic as a shipwreck on the ocean floor

my emotions spent all alone in my dorm

such carnage caused to bring this ships death

i grow so tied from holding my breath

but from this ships death new life a new world is spawned

perplexing that i am, why am i this form

so this ship will rest, forever and a day on the ocean floor

but will i be forever trapped within my dorm

pirates rob this ship of its jewels long after it has died

i prey, i yearn, will you come when i cry

a ship is born by a persons hands

you've welcomly destroyed me before i became man

a new ship now travels around your world

i rest with old ship, no need to dwell

hedrocks hedrocks
31-35, M
2 Responses Sep 19, 2009

projects........i ask projects for what?

thanks FG