You Can't Be Forgotten

to forgottenangel,you i do not forget
           your poems are deep and dark with some regret
           i shared your childhood yet it be on the other side of the world
           you have nothing to regret something you should have been told
           the things that were done to you and to me
           a normal person looks at in disbelief
           i've had people say my parents do love me
           my story just lies wash your mouth clean
           i would love nothing more then to say my parents are great
           but the sad truth is they burnt me at the steak
           we can not change the horrors that were done
           and yet we continue to breath,we're stronger then some
           normal people will not know our fears and pains
           but then they will never know how our love has gained
           my little sis i want you to know that i am there
           in your darkest hour feel my heart know i care

hedrocks hedrocks
31-35, M
2 Responses Nov 9, 2009

Beautiful tribute hedrocks. glad you are back too.

i've missed you too thankyou for liking it