My Life

My life hasn’t been easy,


 My life hasn’t been easy,

This life has had many pains,

Many tears,

Many, many days of sadness,

Yet also my life has had good,

Some of the good

Is feeling loved


Becoming a Mother to my little one,

Achieving and believing what lies ahead will happen,


I have also questioned these very emotions and dreams,

Wondered if I was in a land of nowhere,

I must believe that there is something out there somewhere

Has to be

I can’t give up

My life has not been easy,

But that is the lesson given to me from above to prosper

Grow and learn

Learn that being optimistic takes you further than negativity

In life

It’s a struggle to gain this way of thinking

Yet it will happen

Being rejoiced in   life shall outweigh all negative actions



My tears of pain will cease

To laughs of pure appreciation of life


In life shall occur.


caramelpeace caramelpeace
36-40, F
Nov 30, 2009