Just A Boy

Winters cold is oh so bleak.
From Autumns death, it's Sping alseep.
Summers gone so far away.
And now I search to this very day.
For the star lit sky that huants my dreams
Impossible to find it now seems.
I've searched for years to no avail.
I've looked and looked but still I've failed.
I lay wake wondering if it was real or not
The image from my dream is all I've got.
The clearest nigth, the brightest moon
The somber trees, a scarlet loon.
The dream so vague, the night so real.
It can't be a dream, thats how I feel.
Theres something more, so hard to find,
Like a lost echo in my mind.
Something about this night I can not shake
More from this dream I'm ment to take
A face lost in the shadow, a whisper in the night
Still I can't place it, somethings not right.
Then I see her, so clear and so true,
Her face is yours but it can't be you.
I lost you that night, as you walked away
You left me here with nothing to say.
I wish I could have been the man for you
But you were a girl back then and I was just a boy too.

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1 Response Dec 16, 2009

Very nice :)