True Friends

Little cheesier than my usual poems, lol. But I just felt like saying something nice for friends =)


They say that true friends

Are then when you least expect it

There in the back your mind

There in the nick of time

You know it


When you're out of happy thoughts

You want to run away

Here comes your true friends to say

Don't go that way


They say that true friends

Are there with you

Through the highs and lows

They know more about you than anybody else knows


Them freeing you from your sadness

Is almost automatic

And no turning around

From when you being dramatic


And when your life

Is heading t'wards the dark end

You know that you

Can always count on your friend


So free yourself

And let your thoughts be

Nothing can stop you

Can't you see


I know that true friends

Are there when you least expect it

True friends

Are there to the end


They watch you back when I your feeling down

They sit there with you without a frown

And keep you feet on the ground


I know that true friends

Are heros in reality

And give you a hand

Call you their friend proudly


I know that legends are made

Through things that changed

And with your friends

There is no end

Just a road

And a smile to exchange


18-21, F
Dec 19, 2009