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Forget Me Not

So yes, in 5 minutes I've thrown together one of my more emotional moments of this New Years Eve. I haven't edited it amazingly, but I make no claims to be a fantastic poet, so if you don't like it then GO AWAY ;D

Just kidding. Nothing but loves to you all :D Here goes.

Sitting stoic at the table
lips as dry as stone
with laughter flooding o'er me
though I sit here on my own.

A glass sits there before me
more silent still than Death.
Drawing all the warmth
as I fight to draw my breath.

I reach out now, and take the glass
with full intent in mind.
Never take a second glance.
Never look behind.

"Here goes nothing," my words escape
"We'll have one dying shot.
And hopefully, when I awake
it will all have been forgot."

"God help me now, and make this drink
a poison for my soul.
That it shall burn my love away,
burn shut this bleeding hole."

And raising it now to my lips,
I take my heart's nepenthe.
"I hope someday you will forgive
that I will soon forget thee."

Emptysoul30 Emptysoul30 22-25, M 5 Responses Jan 1, 2010

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Pity it totally didn't work. So much for my New Year's wish :P

Nice ex<x>pression of your feelings Empty, very thoughtful.

*Blushes* Thanks :) *Hugs*

Aww it was beautifully written Empty... I felt so sad reading it.....(hugs) my friend.....

Er...and to you too :)