Taken The Wrong Direction..

a few years has passed and the angel still cries,
i can hear the cries from far away,
he calls my name in despair but
is so hard to understand

i lay on my bed,eyes closed,
surrounded by a glass world that easily could break,
the angel cant take the pain,cant heal the wound
but comforting words he sends

Wake me up,
this place is so dark,
thoughts of pain,nightmares

ive taken the wrong direction,
im acting as if is an audition and
i wish i could just whisper

Do u understand..can u hold my hand...
wake me up..

amysangels amysangels
22-25, F
8 Responses Jan 8, 2010


wow =)<br />
u have an amazing talent =)<br />
i really liked this piece

if the wrong direction allows writing like this<br />
than I'm afraid you've taken the right direction<br />
thank you for sharing<br />

glad u like it

thanks for reading redlady*

I feel like this so many times... very moving to me. Thank you for sharing, this amy.


UR a very talented gifted writer..i do believe i understand..hugzZzz..holds ur hand...