Ode To The Headache Fairy

Here you are my familiar pain
Shooting sharply through my brain
It's really not necessary for you to visit everyday
(Think of the money I'd save on painkillers that way!)

Did I eat something that offended you?
Is it possible that I'm coming down with swine flu?
Is the God of clouds throwing pressure off in the sky?
Sure!  Why not spread from my temple to my eye!?

Did I not get enough sleep?
Was it my phone's loud beep?
Allergies?  Tension?  Sinuses?  Congestion?

It's not my fault that lady poured on all that perfume
Or that there's only flourescent lighting hanging in this room

Too much sunshine?
Not enough vitamin B?
I just had an eye exam
And the doctor told me I can see

Carbon monoxide?  Chemical spray?

CMON!  After 7 aspirin I would think you'd go away...    :(

Xarina Xarina
36-40, F
1 Response Jan 16, 2010

That's a great response to pain. Excellent, and funny too. Maybe not at that time, for you. ...'God of clouds throwing pressure off in the sky'....

Those God's can do it...and flourescent lighting too