Without Title..

Bound to silence,
crystals fall,
tears like whispers
and someone's footsteps
in a cold room

sadness seems a shadow on the wall,
the empty spaces,reason and pain that cause,
a blank paper on the floor,
words that are not visible..

seconds..minutes.. ,
everythin look frozen,
whats the reason?whats the reason?
..bound to silence..

amysangels amysangels
22-25, F
14 Responses Jan 18, 2010

glad u like it


thank u..:)

Thanks for your words; you make me write<br />
<br />
.. fragile and priceless<br />
Still water<br />
dripping on paper<br />
a sigh<br />
a promise..<br />
<br />
written on your wall<br />
<br />
/I hope you can use this response

glad u like it*

This is such a great poem, I can see the room clearly, and feel the silence and motionlessness.<br />
<br />
You are great angel

I love it. You kind of read it over and over, and every time you read it, you can think of something new it could be referring to.

I like the imagery....beautifully done.


I echo DarkTruth.

Very nicely written. I'm not very experienced with poetry, so I can't make a real well-rounded critique

thanku dt

..hi hacki..thanks for writing

lost in solitude<br />
voices echoing<br />
soft spoken words<br />
making no sense at all<br />
in this cold room<br />
emptyness attempting to fill my heart<br />
grief rushing through me with every breath<br />
a forever closed door<br />
denies freedom<br />
<br />
hours...days...<br />
the time stands still<br />
shrouded eyes<br />
what's the reason? what's the reason?<br />
...lost in solitude...