"Till Death Do Us Part"

this is something I wrote for my ex bf.. he was Everything to me.  my heart my soul my life. but he was destined to never be mine even from the beginning ...hes name was Ryan...

"Till Death Do Us Part"

"you said it first, or was it me"

"I Love You, Always"

"Did you really Mean it?"

"or was it something you said to all the girls"

"but was I the one to capture your heart?"

"or was i Second only to your Butterfly..."

"Will you come back to me?"

"Will you"

"You Promised"

"You Promised you promised"

"Forever and Always, Till Death Do Us Part"

"Ryan Live For Me, For Her, For Us"

"I Love You"

"Forever and for Always"

"Till Death Do Us Part"

"Forever, Even in Death"

"Never For Get Me Not"

"I will Love YOu thru Even Death"






MentalxButterfly MentalxButterfly
22-25, F
Jan 27, 2010