Vale     Valeria Messalina was Claudius’s unfaithful wife  

               Who lived a quite outrageous life 

               With an insatiable appetite for sex, she swore 

               She could out bed a famous *****   


    Naked soldiers a jolly band  

    Stood with tools erect in hand  

   Hungry to put the girls to the test  

   The last one standing! Was the best


   The ***** she lay there oh so still 

   As each soldier emptied then his fill  

   Into her poor and bruised portal  

   She told them that she was immortal  


   In the line was nine four three 

   I think he looked a lot like me  

   Wondering which one he would screw  

   He wish he could have had the two


             Some were gentle and some were callus  

             Some more concerned with their own phallus      

             With scribes writing down the score  

             Valeria climaxed and yelled for more  


             Her altar like the blacksmith Fire  

             Soon melted all their rods of desire 

             For Valeria it really was a treat  

             To suck and bite and beat the meat  


             Spare a thought for nine Nine Seven  

             Who thought he really he was in heaven  

             But nine nine eight succumbed to fate

             Too readily he did *********  


             The queue was long they had to wait          

             Valeria changed position to accommodate  

             because she wanted more and more  

             she let them use her back door  


             Too weary now the ***** collapsed  

             I think she now had breathed her last 














lostruanman lostruanman
56-60, M
Feb 7, 2010