Panic Attack

this is my first time writing in EP so i will just share the poem that came after the experience. ~

All at once
Muddled confusion
Faster and faster
Stress and frustration

To many, to many!
Its crushing me,
I'm ruining it,
I just need to flee.

I ran and i hid
I thought i was done
I thought i was fine
Had no need to run.

BANG! the fear hit me
I run and i flee
Don't find me
Don't chase me
No one can see
No one is me.

Fear o'er takes me
I'm driven to run
Stabbing me inside
Exposed by the sun.

I look on myself
What am i doing?
Run, run, hide
I must get away,
I just cannot stay.

on I'm propelled
further in this spell
Afraid of this Fear
footsteps I hear

Anger, frustration
springs twisted up
I've slipped
and I'm falling
I claw at myself

That's all i can grip,
but further i slip.
Fury and Fear
all crushed into one.
How did it start?
Why won't it be done?

Worried face,
Sweet embrace,
Pulling me back,
Unloading my pack.

Unloading my tears,
will they ever now cease?
All of these fears,
will i ever have peace?

Yearning for darkness-
its hiding place.
Darkness is safe.

Holding on tight
to the strong hand of sanity.
Against all my fright
to the friend God

She cried with me
How close were we
and with her came
my safety
and through her shown
my Shepard.

Exhausted from Anxiety
What is left inside of me
Dead i feel
He will heal
Sleep now real
Cause at my side
A friend does kneel.

InvisibileBestia InvisibileBestia
18-21, F
Feb 7, 2010