Soul Mates Everlasting

As I lay here still and awake,

A thought creeps into my brain.

Where would I be if I had

Someone to care, a friend to share

the laughter and joy

Someone who understands me

Inside and out.

A person to be real with

without a doubt.

that would be thinking of me

All hours, All days.

Roam around town

Rambling, with nothing to talk about

The kind of silence that you're comfortable with.

Because you can read their thoughts,

As they read yours.

An everlasting friendship,

with no conditions,

Being with each other,

through good and bad.

I want to find someone

Who will yearn to be with me

When I am away,

To trust, and share the best days with.


Best Friends.

Soul mates.

18-21, F
Feb 8, 2010