Predator's Sorrow

The darkness that torments your soul is so sad

Your cave of blackness is so deep

You have drown in your pain

Nothing is more vicious than a wounded wolf

Your eyes glowing bright with revenge

You lick your thirsty fangs with your beautiful tongue

You flex your massive claws ready to attack

So caught up in your shadowed world

When a rainbow floats in, you close your eyes

Refusing to see the beauty

Sunshine tries to warm your skin but you turn away

It is so much easier for you to accept the cold

An exquisite butterfly lands on your nose

You start to growl as she gently kisses you

She senses your pain

Before you eat her alive, her eyes catch yours

They are the same

Beautiful beyond words and so full of pain

Life has been cruel to both of you

Two hearts too pure to endure anymore devious games

All you have to do is touch her wings and she cannot fly away

It is up to you, are you ready for her

Ready to brighten your empty black world with genuine happiness

Or are you going to condemn yourself for a hideous past

Quickly decide before she flies away or worse -

She may start living in a dark world like your own

Adding madness to this world…

Turn your darkness into the dawn -

sunshinegirl23 sunshinegirl23
36-40, F
2 Responses Feb 8, 2010

That poem was beautiful with imagery.

That is a great poem. I write poetry too or I did. Seems I haven't been depressed in awhile although depression is creeping in, so may write one soon again.<br />
To My Baby<br />
One night was all it did take,<br />
For me to make my mistake.<br />
I got drunk and met this guy,<br />
All he did was lie.<br />
He said things that made my head whirl,<br />
Then I found out he had another girl. <br />
When I found out I was pregnant with you ,<br />
I didn't know what else to do.<br />
I was too young to have a kid,<br />
Can you forgive me for what I did.<br />
I had no other choice but to abort you,<br />
Now all I have is a picture of you in my memory book,<br />
And how you might look.<br />
Please forgive me my baby.