Teenage Strife

Dark light, pale face,

Everywhere, every place,

I cannot think, I cannot see,

Without you standing next to me.


A god-given curse, A demon's gift,

The is a fall to every lift,

I love you but you cannot hear,

My silent cry, A silent tear.


You'll never look up from your life,

And look for me to be your wife,

I am still young, but I still dream,

When you'll say 'yes', how far it may seem.


This is not a rhyme of love,

But a warning from above,

Do not forget about the strife,

That comes with every teenage life.

BBusted BBusted
18-21, F
4 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Very nice!!

Thanks :) I like to write poems when I have something on my mind :) Yet another way I like to vent aha :D

Aha, thank you! :D

Thank you :)