The Air We Breath

   is there something between you and me
        or is it simply the air that we breath
        a sweet soft moment when we kiss
        do you taste this or just my trembling lips
        i embrace you with my delicate arms
        do you wonder how they've caused so much harm
        majestic are your words but i show only my exterior
        because of a hellish interior is why i'm inferior
        you are lovely and kind then there is i
        how is it you see a soul within my eyes
        a moment of passion yes we engage
        i apologize i prematurely left the stage
        you truly are everything i could have once dreamed
        maybe you still are the air in-between in which i breath


hedrocks hedrocks
31-35, M
2 Responses Feb 10, 2010

thankyou AC thats sweet of you i wrote that one in mind

Very beautiful one of your best I like the lines you are lovely and kind then there is I how is it you see a soul with in my eyes. I see your beautiful soul and I think u are lovely, kind and a very good friend